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China as a Developing Superpower
Abstract: China today is still a developing country, although it has risen as a superpower, which makes China a developing superpower, an interesting phenomenon. Being both a superpower and a developing country simultaneously is the most salient feature for the contemporary China, and one of the most important differences between China and other superpowers that have existed in modern world history. Two related concepts are discussed in this paper, superpower, which is about comprehensive national power, and hegemony, which is about how a country uses its national power. The characteristics of developing superpower determine that China even as a superpower will have some introversion, and can have less friction with the existing world order and powers, including countries with hegemonic power. In addition, the geopolitical priorities of China and the United States are also different. The ways of using super power for a superpower country can be hegemonism, moralism (kingly way), or people’s doctrine. China should choose moralism and people’s doctrine.
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