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China’s Position in The World And
The Orientation of Its Grand Strategy
Abstract: China’s national identity has always largely reflected the relationship it has with the world at a particular time or during a specific historical period. The paper analyzes China’s national identity from political, economic and social, cultural, international and strategic angles, renders that China is basing its national status on the idea that it is a new type of socialist great power pursuing a policy of overall opening up, transformation and development in all areas. It is dedicated to creating a new system, new development model and new global culture based on the revival of traditional Chinese culture. There is a wide gap between these objectives and the present reality, so China will continue to consolidate its national identity, the strategic orientation of which is reflected in four main areas – citizen consensus; soft power; linking its national, regional and global identities; and providing a bridge between developing and developed countries.

* Honghua Men, Distinguished University Professor, President of the Institute for China Strategic Studies, and Dean of the School of Political Science & International Relations at Tongji University. As a leading expert in strategic studies in China, he has published extensively on IR theory and grand strategy, including 49 books of which nine are single authored. Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .
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