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The Making of Grassroots Rightists:
A Case Study of County L
Abstract: The Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party prescribed that 1957 Rectification Movement below the county level should pay attention to the socialistic education rather than anti-rightist. While there was not an anti-rightist movement below the county level, rightists were accused. The paper combines the qualitative and quantitative methods to analyze forty-three cases of rightists in the Industry, Transportation, Finance and Trade System of County L. It is found that “reactionary” statements constitute the main factor in defining a rightist, among which the relationship with the leaders of organization is the most important factor. Personal attitudes, history problems and daily performance are the important reference. And no obvious correlation has been found between family background and level of punishment. The research provides a local and grassroots case which differs from those studies of elite rightists. The masses no longer dared to dissent and blindly followed the orders of superiors after the grassroots rectification. This planted a hidden danger for the later problem of an overflow of the “left heavy route”.
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