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1 Introduction to the Special Issue onthe 50th Anniversary of the Launch of the “Great Proletariat Cultural Revolution” Special Issue Editors
2 The Trauma from the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution: Can the Iron Triangle Be Saved? Roderick MacFarquhar
3 From the Brewing of the Storm to the Tolling of the Evening Bell: A Brief History of the Cultural Revolution Li Honglin
4 The Successor’s Successor: A Key Issue Dividing Mao Zedong and Lin Biao Yongyi Song
5 “Smashing the Gang of Four” Revisited: It Is Hua Goufeng Who Usurped the Power but not the “Gang of Four”Chien LiuDepartment of SociologyWagner College Chien Liu
6 The Sudden Rise and Fall of Tao Zhu, The “Number 4 in Command” in the Cultural Revolution Shen Xiaoyun
7 Factional Violence and Ethnic Relations in a Korean Borderland: Mao Yuanxin’s Cultural Revolution in Yanbian, 1966-1968 Dong Jo Shin
8 One, Two, Three: Evaluating “Macau’s Cultural Revolution” Agnes I. F. Lam, Cathryn H. Clayton
9 All Rivers Flow to the Sea: 20 years of the Research on the Cultural Revolution He Shu
10 Art and Politics: The Cultural Revolution in the Eyes of an Art Soldier Shaomin Li
11 An Introduction to Recent Japanese Studies on the Cultural Revolution Seki Tomohide
12 A Novel Study on Armed Fight in the Cultural Revolution: A Review of Fight for Chairman Mao: Armed Fight in Chongqing during the Cultural Revolution Minling Lu